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AMI Filtration Products, Inc.

Leading company in the distribution of Air Filtering products of the highest quality and innovation. Built on a solid foundation of honesty and integrity, together with extensive knowledge and a motivated work team, we offer a variety of solutions combining a wide range of products accompanied by excellent customer service. Always seeking excellence in service and customer satisfaction we offer success and growth for both AMI Filtration Products, INC and our valued customers.


AMI Filtration Products, Inc is a proud family owned business. Our focus, to provide the best air filtration products and solutions, at affordable pricing and the best quality. Our ongoing commitment is to serve our customers’ demands and requirements 24/7, ensuring satisfaction of our customers by breathing a clean air.



AMI Filtration Products, Inc. is lead in distribution of the highest quality air filtration products and innovative operations. Our solid foundation is honesty and integrity. Together, with extensive knowledge and a team driven by motivation we offer a wide variety of products and solutions, form by various selections and followed by excellent customer service.

We always seek for excellence in service and customer satisfaction to offer success and growth for both, AMI Filtration Products Inc. and our valuable customers.


To be the largest distributor of air filtration products, at a national and international level with excellent customer service, the best innovative products and solutions at the highest quality.

We help interesting companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting relationships.

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